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reunions - favourite stories


Jul 08 2009
11:15 am

i have a plethora of memories like this….from reunions so to speak…one summer we (5 friends of mine) werebathing in a lake. stinky boys with scully. the next thing i knew I was up on the square diving dock, soaping up and i looked up to find a middle aged woman had kayaked over. I stood there in a state of shock as the bar of soap slipped out of my hand and i reacted as anyone does in the shower when this happens and contorted my body in ways unseen to grab the soap—all while the lady was watching from 30 feet away. i came to my sense and killed the awkward moment by jumping in the water and the lady kayaked away. i wasnt sure what her angle was, but the nakedness in that wilderness must have seemed like most surreal adventure for her. i yelled that i had shrinkage. she didnt care. she was gone like a fart in the wind. and it gave us much fodder for firetime re-tells for years to come.