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Jan 21 2003
07:55 am

Here is my question. How does one go about being a business person in this world? I fully agree with the evils of advertising, and yet I run a little shop and I want people to come in. I want to make them think that the brand I am selling is the best brand, and I need advertising to do it. So is advertising a necessary evil? Should I not do it because I think it’s evil, or should I live with it because I am trying to convince people to buy fairly traded coffee and the product itself justifies the advertising, or is there nothing intrinsically evil about advertising, but rather about the products sold and the way most advertising is done. How do I run a business that I think is necessary for the community it is in and try to make it worth my while without perpetuating a consumer culture, and more so, how can I walk the line between promoting a product I think is worthy of promotion, and outright advertising and bowing to the almighty dollar? And how can I stop using clich?s in my writing?