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Grace in dating


Feb 15 2003
12:21 pm

I also agree that a person’s past shouldn’t dictate whether or not you choose to have a relatoinship with him or her. You would miss out on a lot of expeiences and relationships that way, not to mention ignoring God’s grace when it comes to mistakes. But I do think that it’s important to think about the future as we make decisions in the present, especially in the area of romantic relationships. We shouldn’t be careless with our feelings or the feelings of others, because they could have serious repercussions, such as hurting ourseslves, the person we’re in a relationship with at the time, or the person we may have a relatoinship with someday. There’s enough pain to be had in the world, any that I can prevent I will. Obviously no one can know the future, therefore mistakes are unavoidable much of the time, but I think we need to use wisdom and caution when considering building a relatoinship with somone.