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CINO Needs You


Nov 25 2002
04:57 pm

As one member of the newly formed board of CINO I want to encourage everyone who drops by the site to read Kirstin’s article and ask, “What can I do for CINO?”
The next few weeks are critical to the future of this fledgling organization.
Please consider the following:
1) Rob and Kirstin have stepped out in faith believing that CINO should be their full time ministry. This means that they are dependent on our contributions and gifts just to EAT and pay their RENT, as well as provide for all the technological and artistic needs for the growth of CINO.
2) Some very important discussions are under way between CINO and DORDT College, CINO and Trinity College, and several other national/international organizations.
3) The level of current financial contributions doesn’t even come close to meeting the daily, weekly, or monthly needs.

What can you (we) do? Here are some suggestions: 1. Pray – start praying just one minute every day for CINO, its vision, and particularly for Rob and Kirstin. (Try it just once. You will be surprised how many issues related to CINO you can bring up to the Lord in just one minute!) 2. Talk to friends, relatives, and associates about CINO and invite them to visit the Web site. (You can email Rob to send you some cool business cards for CINO that he has developed. Better yet, send him a stamped self addressed envelop so he can get them to you right away). 3. Consider sending your most generous Christmas present to CINO in the form of a financial gift. (Perhaps that means talking to the person to whom you would normally give your most expensive gift, and let them know how much you love and respect them by sharing your desire to give to CINO. After all, it’s usually the person(s) who is closest to us that we spend the most on in terms of Christmas). 4. Talk to your church or friend or relative who may be “well off” in a North American financial sense, and boldly ask them to send a contribution to CINO on your behalf. Let them know that you want to be a pioneer in an important new international ministry.

These are just some “starter” ideas. Let’s get creative, CINO-ites! Let’s all get behind this wagon and start pushing!!!



Nov 26 2002
05:41 am

as the “rob” of “rob & kirstin,” i’d like to thank jerry for his shameless *cino-promotion. but, more importantly, i’d like to note that, while kirstin and i are the only people working full-time on *cino, a lot of other people are devoting countless hours to the development of this organization.

i just don’t want anyone to get the idea that this is the rob & kirstin show, because it is most definitely not.


Nov 26 2002
07:34 am

As another member of the board, I’d like to say that the financial sacrifices you two are making right now have allowed many of our plans for *cino to be accomplished already. It has been a blessing to see it come this far. I’m chiming in with Jerry here in order to encourage people to make *cino something of a priority this Christmas. If people think what God has done so far with *cino is amazing, they won’t believe what God has in store for this endeavor!

I know that the other board members are as excited as I am to look ahead and to see the great potential for serving God with *cino. I cringe, however, at the thought that something like finances could be an obstacle to serving God with this site. Therefore, I think it’s very important to take some of that pressure off of you guys, who are making this particular commitment.