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Church vs. football


Jan 20 2003
03:23 pm

At the risk of seriously diving into the somewhat “tongue and cheek” article on a church owned NFL franchise may I suggest that since culture is NOT optional, the church (as a body of believers) MUST consider such a proposal. Let me quickly say, however, that running such a play should not come from the “ecclesiastical/institutional headquarters,” but be developed through creative co-ventures of “those to whom much has been given.” Did you know, for example, that several of the NFL teams ARE owned by strong professing Christian business people? And does it surprise you that many of these entrepreneurs have been isolated, insulated, insulted, and incensed by seemingly well intentioned but culturally misguided church leaders? Having spent considerable hours counseling several of these individuals about their part in the church and kingdom, may I also suggest that during these days of obsession with the Super Bowl the CINO community spend time praying for these major players in one of our cultural icons!