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Challenging church


Jan 08 2003
05:53 am

Willow’s stated objective is to make people feel comfortable?That’s a new one for me and I am quite familiar with Willow Creek. Tell me more about that.

I think Tim’s passion and leadership in the church is great and this article reflects that well. He has personally influenced me in my leadership in the church and continues to challenge me out of my comfort zone.
Tim said at one point that they were focusing on discipleship/commitment on Sunday morning and throughout the church so that more unchurched people would be evangelized those who would never set foot in a church. Is that happening? Are you seeing people come to Christ and grow in their faith?

I am a part of a church that works hard to effectively communicate to lost people on Sunday morning. We do face the challenge of growing radical disciples the more we grow the more we find we need to raise the bar of commitment. It is an ongoing challenge. However, having seen the impact of what we do on Sunday morning to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the transforming presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives, I find it hard to argue with what I see as God at work! Changed lives is our status quo.

I realize this only addresses a small portion of Tim’s article. I share his passion for racial reconciliation and I am looking for ways that God will move us out of our comfort zone in this area, thanks for the insights!