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Whale Rider


Aug 23 2003
07:06 pm

I just saw Whale Rider today.
I was deeply moved by Pai, the young girl…moved by her face, her eyes, her spirit. I was grieved by her grief.
I am furious with the grandfather. He was unredeemable in my opinion…even in the end.
Pai will ‘haunt’ my thoughts. She bore so much. She never really wavered in her direction and knowledge
Is this what you meant by echoes of the Jesus story?
This movie was difficult for me. Was what she suffered necessary for her to follow the path she needed to follow?
Would she become the leader she needed to be without the pain…without the battle it took to get there?
Was she saving her people..fulfilling her calling..or was she despairing?
The fact that she was a child made this story too painful for me.
I sobbed buckets. It will take me a few days to quit thinking on this one.