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Top Ten re: television


Jan 20 2006
10:35 pm

It has been a long time since i have really been into a new show on TVbut I must admit there is one out there that has got me hooked. A few months ago some one recommend my wife and I watch the show LOST. We rented the first few episodes of the first season on DVD and, honest to goodness, after the first few minutes of the pilot episode we were hooked. That very day we went out and bought the first season and chain-smoked our way through all 20-odd episodes in no time. We are now happily caught up to the rest of the world and faithfully are watching the second season as it unfolds on Wednesday night. As far as tv goes I haven’t seen better character development in a long time—each and every major character has a complex and dynamic story. oh, if you don’t know the story, an airplane bound for LA from Sydney, AUS crash lands on a mysterious Island far from their known flight path. The survivors quickly realize this ain’t no ordinary island, and from their all manner of hell breaks loose. It is a thrill-a-minute kind of ride and I recommed it.