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Top Ten re: television


Jun 15 2007
02:52 am

Ones I would add, especially if we’re talking about canceled shows on DVD:

1. "Have Gun, Will Travel" The late Richard Boone as Paladin, the original Man in Black, weekly delivered extremely provocative stories—all the more impressive when it is considered that this was accomplished with the medium of a half-hour TV western.
Despite the title, Paladin generally did everything in his power to avoid having to call upon his quick-draw skills.

2. "Babylon 5" Probably the first US show in years to attempt a serial format, they spent the entire first season to set little pieces in place for the four-year mental chess game that followed. Creator J. Michael Stracynski’s studies in comparative religion were worked into the series plotlines very subtly as well.

Great list! Some great shows there ("Firefly," "Lost," "Freaks & Geeks"); too bad I haven’t seen enough of some of them to comment.

Ones I would add:

"Homicide: Life on the Streets" (one of the most well-done shows I’ve ever seen, especially the first three seasons. It eventually slid into "hunk with gun" territory near the end of the series, but the realism and intricate characters of the first few seasons really make me think this was one of the best shows ever aired)

"Tour of Duty" (it didn’t always work, but the late ’80s Vietnam show really made you care for the soldiers, cry when some of the died, and so on)