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Nov 07 2003
03:25 am

hello everyone from an unusually warm and sunny edinburgh,

this is my top5 list, if there ever can be such a thing. i bet cusack would read it better.

5 – yo la tengo – and then nothing turned itself inside out.
i love it when he sing/talks, especially in the falling in love song. there are some very real lyrics here, very true to life situations described.

4 – bob dylan – blood on the tracks.
tangled up in blue is great, especially when he talks about revolutions in the air. but simple twist of fate is so good. some of his best writing ever. i can almost see his face when “he woke up,the room was bare/he didn’t see her anywhere/told himself he didn’t care, pushed the windows open wide/felt an emptiness inside, to which he just could not relate/ brought on by a simple twist of fate”.

3 – loreena mckennitt – the mask and mirror.
she has the peculiar ability to make simple english folk songs haunting and mysterious. sometimes i listen to her music and almost wish i was a pagan in sommerset isle (remember “the wicker man” anyone?).

2 – elliott smith – self-titled.
in dark days, his songs were true to me. his guitar work is very complex and unorthodox, and i love all the elliotts in the layers. but the best part is how the melodies and lyrics seem to complement each other.

1 – nick drake – pink moon.
this has to be the best album ever in history. 28 minutes of beauty and sadness and anger. but he doesn’t shout, he quietly whispers his grief. a different guitar tuning for every song (almost).
plus he was good looking too (unlike elliott).