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Jun 26 2003
09:42 pm

Hola all,

I was reading this thread and had to try and narrow down my top five albums, too. so, here is what I came up with:

5. The Oscar Peterson Trio-Last Call at the Blue Note. This is a live recording of maybe the best beebop trio ever. I love it. Some of the most amazing piano and guitar interplay I’ve heard. Really, check it out.

4. Elliot Smith- xo. Okay, so Elliot smith couldn’t exist with out a lot of help from the Beatles and especially Lennon, but this is an outstanding album and I love it a lot. he is sad and down, but it is beautiful.

3. Soul Coughing—Ruby Vroom. One of the most original and unusual bands I know of, and very hard to explain. Beatnik stream of consciousnous poetry sang/spoken over jazzy upright bass, crazy samples and loops, with guitar and piano tossed in. Really great stuff. All three of their albums are good. This one is the best.

2. Bob Dylan. Bringing it all back Home. Subterranian Homesick Blues is the best Track 1 of all time. My personal favorite Dylan album. A lot of great ones.

1. The Jayhawks- Tomorrow the Green Grass. This is my all-time best driving album, and I think my favorite of all time. I can sing this songs forever and not get bored. Alt-country, but really just amazing harmonies and brilliant songs. Beautiful music by a great band.

Honorable Mentions:
Cat Stevens- Teaser and the Firecat
Nick Drake- Pink Moon
Zepplin III
Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa (love Chinacat)
Over the Rhine- Good dog bad dog