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The Untitled Project


Mar 31 2004
09:49 am

A fascinating art project in which all text is removed from photographs of urban settings (looks like Chicago in most of them) and replaced into a layout featuring only the text. Makes more sense when you actually see it. Lookee here:


Apr 01 2004
11:48 pm

Hey, that is Chicago! And this one:

is right around the corner from where we live!!!

It looks a little strange without the words. And I think the photographer might have distorted the perspective.

and this one:

is literally across the street from my place. But again, it doesn’t seem quite right. I think it’s missing a building or two.


Apr 02 2004
10:05 am

Now that you say it, I remember that big street corner from the list time I visitied you. I’m sure the art has a different effect when you’re very acquainted with the location.


Mar 06 2006
11:48 am

Matt Siber, the artist who you guys are talking about, is currently showing at Trinity Christian College. He usually shows at Peter Miller Gallery in Chicago.