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the shins


Apr 14 2004
01:00 am

I am a huge Shins fan and Chutes Too Narrow is well worth looking into. I hold in higher esteem than I do Oh, Inverted World, which I must was was an amazing piece of musical genius. I like Wilbertos points that he had. The eloquent songwriting really makes this amazing contrast with the instruments. I don’t know why, but I absolutely ADORE Marty Crandall and James Mercer, whose voice is the smoothest I’ve heard in a while! Sub Pop has this EVIL tendency to sign amazing musicians with addictively good music. Chutes Too Narrow is well worth the time and money to listen to it. So enjoy it, I know I did. By the way, check out another Sub Pop band called Damon and Naomi. They are of a different style really, more of a progressive folk movement, one we see really sweeping people with releases from Pedro the Lion and Sufjan Stevens. I like them a lot and they’re pretty influential in their meaning and musical stylings.