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May 16 2003
09:21 am

yes, rock and roll is all that Grant. I think that I love it for those reasons. Its the heart beat of the sceptic, and the pulse of the wanderer…all those who believe something is wrong but could be right…its passion runs through our viens.

As to vocation and place within what you are called to, be very careful for what you ask for. The last year in NYC has been a long and lonely one for me. Making sense of Gods world outside of the chruch and its sterile underbelly leaves one wondering if Jesus really does show up. I usedt to think he always does, but these days I have been wondering and doubting more than ever. He is faithful and I have felt that reality but I still haven’t really been able to make sense of how I will fit into Gods plan as it crashes into my dreams and passions. Good luck and God’s speed to all who take that step off the cliff.