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The Decalogue


Apr 14 2004
02:44 pm

Bleu, Blanc, and Rouge were wonderful masterpieces in that way. Their humility truly makes them art and not only that, it makes them life. Rouge was my favorite out of the two because of its portrayal of love. I am a sucker for love in films when it’s not used in a romantic way or paternal way. Like in Lost in Translation, they were just friends, and that really spoke to me. All too often directors add romance in a film where it should not be, but it takes a lot to have the protagonists of a movie love one another but not be in love with one another. Kieslowski is the master of this technique which is taunts you with toward the end of the Decalogue. I always thought the meaning behind the The Three Colours Triology was fairly easy to grasp in that sense, also, music does play a major role in his films. Bleu is a shining example of music being the main plot device. There are the moments when the music has a sort of “interlude,” if you will, when the screen is blank and then it comes back in and the character that Juliet Binoche is portraying has come to a crossroads and made a decision. Those films are absolutely gorgeous and the cinematography is a work of art in its own right. Zbigniew Preisner is a musical prodigy as is reflected within the films. And if you’ve seen The Double Life of Veronique, you will see the musical tie ins that he is so famous for.