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Taste and the Testimony of the Holy Spirit


Nov 23 2007
01:47 pm

There has to be some standards though. I really don’t think just any kind of music is good for people. Maybe we need music to get us out of our contexts. Marvin Gaye’s "ain’t no mountain high enough’ is a good example of a song like that. Jeff Buckley is a searching spirit and I feel that. Sometimes we need music we can empathize with. I think we can also agree that there are songs that come out of contexts of greed, violence, sexual destruction that aren’t good for anyone. My question is if there is a measure for how good/full of Holy Spirit a musical composition performance is. I think maybe there is a universal measure. It has to be experienced though. To me the Bible is the full measure and everything relates to that.

Nick Caves "No Pussy Blues". Maybe thats close to the Bible. I feel it but I’ll have to pray a bit more about that one. Johnny Cash’s "Cocaine Blues" or "I’m Goin to Jackson" from Live at San Quentin, "Ain’t no Mountain High Enough". That’s Holy Spirit.