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Aug 20 2002
10:31 am

The movie itself nicely sums up my faith journey…I have this little box that I keep my faith in and I put things in I want and discard those things I don’t. Everything has its perfect place in my life…. Of course I’m just kidding. And I do think the director of Signs (of which I can barely pronounce let alone spell) did push for a too tight and cosy ending. However, I think the movie was fun and I agree with Jason that the monster was not cheesy.

The “explain all” nature of the movie does appeal to a side of me though. I sometimes wish that things were more plain to us simple hamans. The movie just resonates with a desire in me to believe in the end that “everything happens for a purpose” like that of Mel Gibson’s character. However I find much in the world does not go together as neatly as that…..