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Overhang Live 7404


Jul 05 2004
01:15 am

Can we get a report on how the gang did tonight????

We were pullin for you!!!

Feedback on the show?
Did the power go out half-way through??


Jul 05 2004
07:04 pm

we just got home from beautiful bushnell, illinois this afternoon (and i’m only partially kidding—the area itself is beautiful; 30,000 people camping on a farm in the rain is slightly less so).

the band was amazing! they oozed confidence and performed better than most of the bands at the festival. overhang’s music is really big, so it was great to hear it on the huge cornerstone P.A. and to see the band on the huge jumbotron. the entire performance belied the fact that they’ve only been together as a band (the four of them, playing live shows) for six months. the songs were tight and crisp. the order was well rehearsed and flowed well.

i can’t wait to hear the album!

ps – i’ll write more about the rest of the festival on my blog tonight or tomorrow.


Jul 06 2004
12:00 pm

it was cool to watch the clip on the cornerstone website! way to go guys!!!


Jul 08 2004
12:22 am

here’s a big article on the festival in the washington post (unfortunately no mention of overhang)…though pedro the lion is featured prominently: