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orphan annie and charlie bucket


Mar 01 2002
06:01 am

I am reading these posts and find myself wondering about all the underlying presupisitions that are out there. Wealth as a goal , poverty (or not wealth) as a goal, the right to be able to make a living wage (by whose standard?), the inherient theft in forced redistribution of wealth, of Ecclesiaties where it says that God is the giver of wealth, of what success is, of this country which gives the illusion of wealth but in fact it’s citizens are more in bondage to debt on an individual basis than in many third world countries. Who is richer someone with no debt who makes $900 dollars a year or some one who is $100,000 in debt paying 7% interest and making $70,000 dollars a year.
I have no answers I’m just not sure we’re even asking the right questions yet.
By the way, I’m new to the site hope I haven’t stuck my neck out too far on my first post.

Wim Wimbers End of Violence is a good perspective shifter movie.