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One Mans Stand Against God!


Sep 23 2003
10:10 pm

Hey Everyone… wanted to let you know about a new short film called FOOTPRINTS RETOLD…. please take a min to check this out.. I’d love to hear any of your feedback!




Confused and seemingly betrayed, one man steps into the unknown and takes his case
straight to God Himself. Based on the classic poem, Footprints in the Sand.

View FOOTPRINTS RETOLD now online!

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Sep 24 2003
10:43 am

I wish someone would find a way to retell this story so that it would actually mean something again. Like maybe there could be three sets of footprints for once (maybe Satan is there too…), or the guy could find himself being carried across a beach by God and say to himself “What the hell?” or a realistic scenario, like God doesn’t say anything and the guy has to come to terms with that.


Sep 30 2003
02:16 pm

I have to say I was more impressed with the Astral Elements site than the Footprints Retold movie (not that it was that bad, just didn’t show me anything I hadn’t envisioned reading the poem.) Dan, I agree with you in that it seems so quaint to just tell someone that God is carrying you through the rough times. You are right in the feeling of aloneness and the unknowing if God is really there. It just seems easier for most to give a pat answer/poem and walk away.