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Oct 19 2003
10:22 pm

I wanted to update you on the challenge I’ve had with The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. Three high school students (young men reading!) have/are reading it…one on the recommendation of the other who read it last year. He has since come back for Beyond the Chocolate War. I’m looking forward to discussing it with them—hopes of a book discussion group among high schoolers—what more could we ask?! I am thrilled!
Anyway, I was able to meet and talk with the father of the middle school student who objected to the C.W. in the first place….he and the teacher came to the library to get a book re-evaluation request form. (My form asks if they’ve read the book they are objecting to) Most importantly, I was able to meet the father, shake his hand, introduce myself, thank him for his concern about and interest in what his child was reading, and reassure him that I had taken steps to honor his concerns. He was taken aback at my friendliness and respect for his concern and probably will not even follow through on the re-evalutation form. He wanted to know I understood his concern, that he was heard and honored as a parent.
Annie, I like the suggestion of reading the book with their children…we continue to recommend that parents do that with their children re: Harry Potter series…I think this suggestion is the most Christian response and opens up a world of opportunity for communication of a parent’s values which is what we want with our children…and then to enable them to be ‘salt and light’…excellent!