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October - U2


Oct 12 2007
04:47 pm

I don’t know exactly why (and like you said, I’m sure I’d grasp and feel it better if I actually heard the song). That said, my guess is that either he’s lying to himself or he’s numb.

If he’s lying, he’s trying to trying to guard his heart and emotions from sorrow by being distant from it (and probably failing to do so). If I say I don’t care and if I choose not to be vulnerable, then maybe I can become as tough and non-caring as I wish I was. That’s one possibility.

Another idea could be that he’s so tired and world-weary of seeing the seasons (including the metephorical ones) change over and over that he’s grown numb to it and truly has distanced himself from it enough to not care. I referenced Ecclesiastes a few times in my other post, linking the speaker here to that kind of world-weary "been-there, done-that" attitude, though I’m just guessing of course. But if it’s anything like that, it could just be that he’s gotten to the point where he really doesn’t care, and he doesn’t think it’s worth dredging up enough emotion to care.

But if the music gives away how much he really does care (as you hinted), then it’s probably closer to the first possibility. It’s not that he doesn’t care. It’s that he wishes he doesn’t care, and he’d rather not admit how much he really does care.

Ok, now I really have to hear this song. :-)