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October - U2


Oct 08 2007
04:36 pm

Interesting. I don’t remember if I’ve heard this or not. I believe October is the U2 album I’ve heard the least, though I’ve heard from others that much of it is overtly God-focused. Through that lens, I see this song as trying to see past the temporary and into the eternal.

October, and the trees are stripped bear of all they wear, what do I care?

Why be concerned when it’s temporary? Just wait until spring, and the leaves will return. A year from now, it will look just like it does now. There is nothing new under the sun.

October, and kingdoms rise and and kingdoms fall

Like the leaves of trees, the kingdoms of mankind (both literal and figurative) are temporary, and change with the seasons. There is a season for everything.

But You go on…and on…

God is eternal.

It seems to fit this issue of Catapult quite well. I’ll have to listen to it.

Here’s something else I noticed in the words. Despite the apparent world-weariness of the first line, I see in the whole song a stong vein of hope. Though fall is here and winter is approaching, spring is also on the way. Death, where is your victory? Grave, where is your sting? The knowledge of the coming spring should give us perspective on the life seasons of fall and winter.