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May 13 2004
02:58 am

in the last three days i’ve watched many movies, and i thought it would be a good idea to let you know what i thought of them—in lieu of reading reviews, i like to have someone i know say “watch that” or “don’t watch that”, and hopefully i’ll be better off because of it.

: good movie. lots of drug use, good story, true i believe, which adds a twist to it—truth stranger than fiction thing going on. i liked it, worth watching.

actually[/b:59d53151d8]: purchased on the weekend, i really enjoy this movie. i would definately reccommend it. well written, well edited and funny serious. rocket[/b:59d53151d8]: so so so so good. i’m sure a lot of people on this board have heard of this, but if not, go rent, buy this movie. i love it. it’s probably one of the best character driven movies i’ve seen.

: documentary, rockin’ good. this movie kept my interest without waivering for a solid hour. that’s not to say it wasn’t good until the end, but i was totally intrigued for the first 2/3 and i loved it. worth watching, no questions or qualms.

: good. hard. good. artsy in the “typical” sense—meaning, guy off the street watching it, if he didn’t shut it off would probably say it’s artsy. i know it’s a generalization, but i fits the description for me. very well done film, worth watching.

going on 30[/b:59d53151d8]: better than i expected. that’s not to say i think it’s worth the time really, but it was better than i expected. i had issues with the ending, but i did care about the main character, and i felt like it went somewhere—worth watching if you are 13 or 30. ok, so maybe other ages too, but not a heavy thinker movie, but it might be good to see with a 13 year old and talk about it. hellsing[/b:59d53151d8]: on some scale some where crap and good are somewhat near eachother, near the middle, where great, awesome, wonderful are one extreme, and don’t even look at the poster is the other extreme. this movie borders the line for crap and good for me. it’s borderline, i’m still not sure if i liked it. i guess i’d say i liked the idea, but it’s rather unrealistic, even for the world they create. “campy” maybe? love[/b:59d53151d8]. i also own this movie, and really like it. i love the story, the characters and the “weird” art going on. i like what is being said, and i like how it is said. worth watching.

i believe that is all. i’m in quite the movie watching/talking mood, so if anyone else has some good reccommendations let me know—and i’m totally interested in talking more about these films if anyone else is interested.


May 15 2004
11:28 pm

sorry enok, haven’t seen any of those. a few of them are on my list, however, so if i ever get around to watching them i can comment.

that’s a lot of movies to watch in 3 days.