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Kill Bill


Jan 02 2004
08:28 am

hi i’m taking a nervous jump into this film discussion. i think i probably have a lot less of a scholarly approach with assessing film that i watch.

i have read the two discussion boards regarding kill bill and i have seen the movie twice. DvdSchp’s opinion regarding the film has probably made the most sense to me.

of course i walked away thinking that it was quite impressive, the technical work of tarantino. but overall i had this sickly feeling after seeing it both times. the first time i kept being distracted by the fact there was extreme laughter at all the bloody gory arms flying with bloody sprinklers apparently in their armpits. but i guess it’s funny if you get off on blood sprinklers. so ok whatever. and i got bored, yes, fell asleep a bit, like grant said.

but i tend to regard that after-the-movie sickly feeling as a pretty important. it wasn’t a sickly feeling because of blood or killing. it wasn’t a sickly feeling from too much junior mints. it wasn’t a sickly feeling because i view films from a mordernists view (i don’t). and it wasn’t a sickly feeling because i didn’t get any lesson from it or was left hanging to find out what happens in the next. i think it was a sickly feeling because it seemed like a confused mess of an artist’s work who was caught up in certain selfish pleasures only. i guess i realize that i often times will try and view and artists work from another artists perpective. and i feel like his work in kill bill seems flaunting and bragging and definitely influenced by many things that he’s interested in at once. but i think that great art will be a giving art. one that is entertaining and giving, not selfish. and thats the sickly feeling i had i think. i was sadly enjoying this masterful work of selfishness.

i usually don’t tend to think super deeply about movies. i’ll think about them and get a feel for them. but i don’t watch it to talk about it all with my friends or to know about the quotes, etc. i just enjoy movies like what grant was talking about, the flickering of the big screen and junior mints. it’s only art but i like it.