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Johnny Cash: Skilled?


Nov 01 2003
08:49 pm

Ya, Johnny wasn’t necessarily that skilled as a musician, but rock ‘n roll would not be where it is today with out his presence. He helped to give it form and substance. Go back to his live prison albums and you’ll hear it. The attitude, the soul… They were bringing styles together that had not been thought of before. There is the gospel, blues, rockabilly, and country. Incredible!

It is not that surprising that people from different styles of music all claim him as their own.

And I agree about not really paying much attention when some one famous dies. But this got my attention. Heck I am still morning our loss of this great man.

There is going to be a public memorial for him here in Nashville on the 10th. I think it will be carried on CMT the next Saturday. Sounds like some heavy weights are coming to town for it. I think Springstein and Bono maybe and I can’t remember who else.