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Jul 15 2002
04:57 am

What are you listening to lately?

I just found Philip Glass’ score to Dracula. Much more accessible than much of his stuff. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I like how it sounds.

Also finally picked up Doves’ “The Last Broadcast”. If Tara C. reads this board anymore, that should make her happy. I REALLY like it, but I’m a known anglophile. Love those thick, layered sounds.


Jul 17 2002
05:08 am

i’ve been into a melancholy mood lately, so i’ve been listening to a bunch of “bored rock” lately. “bored rock” is my own classification and simply refers to how a lot of people respond to the music—they get bored. i, however, find it full of nuance.

without further ado, a list:

sparklehorse: it’s a wonderful life
yo la tengo: and then nothing turned itself inside-out
haydn: the closer i get

sparklehorse is really great and he does a track with tom waits (someone else i’ve been into lately) on it’s a wonderful life. haydn is another guy i learned about through ryan vk; he also told me about pedro the lion, being discussed in another thread.


Jul 17 2002
10:02 am

I’m renewing my Zep appreciation.
Houses of the Holy

Masters of Reality “Sunrise on the Sufferbus” -Ginger Baker on drums
Dylan “Desire”
Allman Bros “Brothers and Sisters” “Eat a Peach”


Jul 17 2002
02:33 pm

I love sparklehorse. I think I enjoy the album “Good Morning Spider” a little more than “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Jonner tells me it’s older. “Pig” is such a rocking song. For melancholy albums, check out Whiskeytown’s “Pneumonia”. Ryan Adams went solo not too long ago, but I’m not impressed so far.

Oh and check out Destroyer. (No, it’s not death metal) Dan Bejar is the lead singer. He has a very unique voice that I’ve grown to love. His music, at first listen, sounds a little like early Bowie material. He also sings with the New Pornographers (Jerry Falwell called rock and roll music the “new pornography”, and that’s where the name comes from). “Streethawk: A Seduction” is Jonner’s favorite album of last year, and it’s Destroyer’s newest album (and the best one in my opinion).


Jul 17 2002
04:46 pm

i was just listening to “pneumonia” the other day! i actually like ryan adams’ solo stuff, although i think his first album was a lot better than his newest.

have you ever listened to solo neko case stuff (she was also a part of the new pornographers)? she has an amazing voice. very powerful.

i’ll have to check out your other suggestions. not that i really need to make the list of CDs i’d like any longer . . . (but buying books and CDs don’t count towards materialism, right?)


Jul 19 2002
06:21 am

So much music to discover. There is a great hip hop group I just found named Blackalicious. If your looking for a single to download try ’Make you Feel that Way".

DJ Shadow’s new album, Private Press, is also good. Not as good as Entroducing but still worth the download.

The Hives new single is great sarcastic fun anger. I’ve yet to download the album though.


Jul 19 2002
07:04 am

“bored rock” makes me think of me of Lambchop. Ever heard of them? I’m just getting into them a bit. They’re a weird mix of genres, and there’s something like 12 people in the band.

also, I must recommend the latest elvis costello album. very good. And The Shins, who have an amazingly good sense of melody.