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Hope for Hip Hop


Aug 03 2003
01:24 am

WOW….. I was surprised to see this message in here… finding the CINO site for the first time… was very interested in what was going on with the messageboards… to find out there’s actually a topic about hiphop going on here … and not just the average conversation at that… pardon my amazement… :)

Anyway…. regarding the first post about hiphop acts…. there are a ton of them… the quality level is improving in some areas while dwindling in others… I’d be very interested in your feedback on a publication that my wife and I publish called FEED magazine – the print version is available in Barnes & Noble, Hastings and a number of other locations including Christian bookstores… it’s a Christian Hip Hop magazine distributed by Ingram Periodicals… if you have an interest in positive hiphop and the reach into our culture…. hiphop is definitely growing more and more in it’s impact of the world and culture in general… I don’t want to talk alot about the mag… I’m just very interest to see the opinions and thoughts expressed here…. if anyone has time to stop and check out the mag and give some feedback I’d really appreciate it… you can email me anytime at

for some hiphop groups to check out… I’d recommend Mark J’s new album…. you can find him at or in stores… Mars ILL will be coming out with a new one in September as well … there are a ton…. check out our new issue’s cover (website for the new issue will be up soon….the print version is in stores now… it features a unique design featuring pictures of many known and unknown gospel hiphop artists… )….

look forward to talking with some of you more…. gotta jet for now