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Hope for Hip Hop


Sep 03 2003
12:22 pm

I really love this discussion. I stumbeled upon it last night. Great.

Two things, first, has anyone heard the Wyclef/Kenny Rogers remake of the gambler? Very amusing to hear Kenny try to go with the flow, if you know what I am saying.

Secondly, and I know this brings the discussion back a bit, but where was the mention of Snoop? The Goddfather? I think that without him, Dre, no matter how sweet his beats, may not have made it. With so much drama in the LBC… wow.

I am quite interested to see where this current discussion is going. The racial lines in music seem to be more clear cut than most places in society, which is to say I haven’t seen many black guys in punk or country. But then you look and there are obvious exceptions. And I don’t know if it is at all prejudiced or anything. It just seems that certain genres of music have a racial history, be it black, white, hispanic, whatever. So my question is this, is music, and hiphop in specifically accepting of other races into their cultural history. In other words, is eminem so amazing, comperable to Jackie Robinson, or is pop music that much more open to the new and the fresh?

Side note: eminem wouldn’t be the same without Dre, and Dre wouldn’t be the same without Snoop, so really this is more coherent than I thought.