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Hope for Hip Hop


Aug 29 2003
10:20 pm

Those are interesting comments lopez – I think maybe your comments are more reflective of what you see in pop rap/hiphop but the talent involved in what is most respected in the hiphop community really does take a lot more than 10% talent… I mean timing or rhythm is just a portion of it – it’d be interesting to see the results of a “experiment” such as space suggested… there are many elements involved in hiphop… as any music and yes I agree much of the sound comes from music of the past there is no doubting that but it’s grown and developed and is a genre of it’s own now… not to confuse what i’m talking about with someone like p.diddy who pretty much has been successful by recycling not just samples but the whole vibe and feel of a song … that was already popular in the past… this is obviously a different breed.

Whether people are rhyming, producing with instruments or samplers, djing on turntables or cds… these all have intricate parts and some have developed skill and obviously some just plug away… same in the other forms of music as well… I mean if you excell at the craft … there’s a difference than someone who knows a couple basic cords on a guitar and sings along….

I’m really not up to speed at everything in this thread but just thought the last few comments were interesting… having being involved in hiphop for quite a while… producing, djing and even emceeing… years ago… I would love to see those who feel hiphop is not really incorporating much talent to try this experiment… yes style… yes some of the other things involved.. like bravado… but I don’t think it’s much different in other music forms… The type of hiphop that comes from some artists in both the christian and mainstream that truely represent lyricism… would be hard to match in not just the lyrics but delivery, breath control , cadence and flow…. rhythm is definitely part of it but there’s talent even in the area of rhythm…. some have rhythm… some stretch the boundries of that.

Production wise it’s easier to re-create a hiphop sound than to invent or create your own signature sound… where when you hear a beat it’s got a feel that almost definitely speaks of it’s producer…. I haven’t heard Premo’s stuff (from Gangstarr) lately… but I could almost pinpoint a beat from him because of his unique talent for chopping samples and cutting up vocal scratches for the hooks of the songs…

just some thoughts… everyone is free to have an opinion but I love the idea of just putting yourself in their shoes first before talking too much…. especially the freestyling… take a beat you never heard before… and try to make sense and incorporate elements of what’s going on around you into the rhyme without losing the flow and still have solid delivery ….

anyway… for the cat that asked for more links.. space I think it was… there’s a lot of stuff out there… let me know if you like marsill … I might be able to suggest some others … they are part of a crew called Deepspace5… you might like some of the other emcees from the crew.

There’s a next cat named Mark J that has a song City of Pain you might want to peep… you can find him on

feel free to hit me up anytime or check out the mag