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Hail to the Thief


Jun 12 2003
07:15 am

Who has Radiohead’s newest album? A most politically-minded album. Although I disagree with Radiohead’s dim view of the future and the state of the world according to Thom Yorke, I must admit that Yorke’s political opinions are easier to swallow on “Hail to the Thief”.

Yorke has pulled his head out of the introverted hole its been in and actually sings to real live human beings. This new motivation to communicate with the audience is evident by the fact that Yorke pronounces his consonants better—you can actually understand the words half the time—and because the melodies are catchier and less of the songs have beats that try to fool you, keeping you guessing as to where the actual song is in all the malaise.

I look forward to more mockery of Radiohead’s tone from U2’s newest. “Elevation” wasn’t enough for me. Somebody has to break up the romanticism surrounding Radiohead’s moroseness, countering their duldrums with “the big kettle drums” (Johnny Cash) of Christ’s Kingdom still coming.