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Gagging on Pop Culture: M Moore and Leni R.


Andrew H
Jul 31 2004
06:24 pm

First, thankyou Laurencer for pointing out Moore’s reliance on mainstream media (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post) for most (nearly all) of the facts presented in the movie. I have spent much time in the last weeks defending the film and the motivations of a film-maker such as Michael Moore. Allow me to present a little of that side. As preamble though, I watched the film in an edgy theatre in Denver, CO. The friends of mine on one side are staunch Bush supporters who I begged to go with me and in pre-film chatter revealed that they did not even know the names of their states Senators nor their own district’s representatives, much less the ideas/principles those politicians focused on. On the other side of me were some young strangers who were not Bush supporters (to put it really nicely) who were all involved in social work and politically aware and knowledgable. It is not hard to guess who enjoyed the movie and who didn’t. I, personally enjoyed the movie and the contrast of my fellow viewers.

Now, I like to point out that it was not the intention of Moore to report the news in a “fair and balanced” fashion, rather it was his intention (as I understand it) to challenge and go much deeper than dare the major networks and cable news operations who do have that first intention. Judging this as his intention, I definitely claim that he was successful in doing so. He dared to make connections between politicians and corporations and foreign power brokers that dig into some of the dirtiest dirt in our undemocratic and economically despotic political system. Have any broadcast or cable news shows taken time to report on the families of victims of war who are questioning the motives of the wars? Have any of these shows questioned the lower socio-economic majority of the military and the opposite majority of lawmakers in the U.S.? Have any news shows reported on the ridiculous harassment of peaceful organizations gathered to stand up for peace (a kingdom value) by the Homeland Security Admin? (I know a member of Peace-Fresno who was highlighted in the film and he too relishes in the laughability of the investigation into his office and the lives of other members.) Have any news shows dared challenge the status quo that is ruling our country and our media outlets in such a form? As far as I am aware, most popular news shows have not even dared examine the nature of the victims of U.S. means of warfare (Iraqi and American both) in such a fashion as Moore did.

I had to go so far as to ask one of my friends who was extremely upset about the movie if he was more upset by the fact that our president was mocked in the movie or that those Iraqi children had their limbs blown off and our country does not even count the Iraqi victims of the war? These are the questions that a movie like F911 brings up and well it should. This isi not a movie to be ignored or written off as worthless. Not it is not perfect of the 100% objective truth. What is? It is an excellent use of one of the most popular medium in America to challenge so many previously unchallenged problems that currently plague our nation and thus the world. Let us aim for political consciousness that is based on principles not on partisan loyalties.