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Mar 26 2005
07:49 pm

I wanted to comment on CineMamet’s thoughts on Dogville. I don’t consider myself any sort of expert on cinema- and appreciated the lessons about Dogme95- however there are a couple things I would like to speak to.
I watched Dogville this last week and am still processing the film. I tend to be like Adam. I don’t know what tho think. I found it extraordinarily powerful. It made me reflect on my fundamentalist upbringing and how that affected my image of God growing up.
First, yes it seems clear that von Trier holds America in contempt for its materialism and lack of ability to take care of the “least of these” in her midst. However, regardless of whether he has been here or not, there is truth to what he says. Historically we have done this (and continue to do so). My question is “Is he a prophet crying in the wilderness or merely a anti-American European spewing bile?”
The next question is equally important and I think speaks to Adam’s reaction back when he first saw this (“Holy Crap!”) Is there anything to be learned from this film about the nature of God or is this simply one man’s skewed view of Him/Her? Any thoughts?