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Cockburn LIVES!


Nov 01 2003
09:00 pm

I just got back from seeing Bruce Cockburn play here in Nashville at the Belcourt Theater. The dude is absolutely amazing!

He pulled out some old ones too. Lord of the Starfields…World of Wonder….Dangerous Times….and he did Pasing the Cage – which may be one of the best songs ever written. He also did Call it Democracy, Night Train, Stolen Land, Let the Bad Air Out, and others.

I was also more impressed with his new stuff live. The songs came off very powerfully.

He has added someone else to his touring band also. So he has the same 2 guys (who are very good) that I saw him with a few years ago playing bass and drums. And he has added the woman who sang on the last album and she is playing keys. She is very good also. Very bluesy. She is a nice addition.

Well anyway, if you get a chance to see him do! It will be well worth your time and money.