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Christian art and the cino editorial policy!


May 28 2003
06:45 pm


I am a Christian High School art instructor. I want you and others who may view this board to know that there are a few of us out in the world of Christian Schooling that have worked very hard to teach art from a distinctive Christian perspective.

I want to emphasize that in my program I have developed a complete philosophy that can be “fleshed out” in the practice and procedure of the program. What I mean is that my Christian perspective is not just a “tack on” to a run of the mill secular or humanist art program. Instead my program contains a 3-step process that we (students and myself) go through in each unit as Christian artists. It is my continual goal and task to labor towards integrating (not adding a little here and a little there) an obvious Spiritual dynamic so that students will come out of my program not only knowing how to produce art physically and techincally, but to understand art from a distinctive Christian worldview.

I have provided my philosophy and procedure for you to view if you would like.

Let’s talk about the topic of Christian art education more.