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Christian art and the cino editorial policy!


Mar 27 2003
02:58 am

Amen to all that Grant!

Part of this education thing must have to do with christian schools too!(?)

I don’t know much about American Church schools, do they have a distinctive christian view of what knowledge is all about, or are they just following the familiar patterns of teaching art, as a humanist school would do?

In England, it seems to me that christian (church) schools follow the same curriculum and teaching practises as the state schools, but try to make the (christian) difference in value added curriculum activities, like teaching citizenship, personal/social education and the like. I don’t know of any church school that actively pursues a different way of teaching their children nor holds a different view of knowledge.

When it comes to art, that is the least of their worries, because they can add a little Rembrandt to it, or some ecclesiastical art of the Renaissance and feel happy that something of a christian view has been put across, albeit subliminally! This has a lot to do with where the funding comes from, but I don’t think we get even halfway there, we’re just not distinctive enough educationally.

enough for now,