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Jun 14 2002
04:12 am

Has anyone heard of the band Cake? Tell me what you think of them.


Jun 14 2002
05:55 am

Cake…or DEATH?!

Cake, please.

O’course I’ve heard Cake! I used to think they and Soul Coughing were IT. And they are good. They’ve produced a lot of catchy hits and have a white funkiness all their own. I’m interested in music with more nuance, though. With some rough edges. Cake’s a little too clean, I think. I’ll still listen to them, though!

Why do you detest some of their stuff, Norm?


Jun 15 2002
02:43 pm

I used to think that Cake was “IT” as well. I still love them, and their unique art rock I will forever enjoy—but like you say, I like stuff a little more crazy … not so nice.

Speaking purely as a musician, some of their music itself I just plain old don’t care for: e.g. “Pretty Pink Ribbon” (from Comfort Eagle), “Daria” (from Fashion Nugget), (nearly) the entire “Prolonging the Magic” album … Quite frankly, those songs suck.

Not to mention the messages some of them give: e.g. “Satan is my Motor”, “Jesus Wrote a Blank Check (I Just Haven’t Cashed It Yet)”, and all that livestock nonsense etc.. some of these songs glorify sinfulness and evil. Some of these songs simply aren’t truth.

But some of them can’t get any more truthful. I love Cake.

I’ve never heard of Soul Coughing, though.

Now, when you say “nuances” and “rough edges” do you mean more hardcore (like System of a Down) or more crazy (like Offspring)?

I ask because, well, take System, for instance. It’s a chore to find rock any harder then them, yet they play it amazingly tight and clean (uncharacteristic for bands like theirs). I have respect for that.

Now bands that just wail on 2 strings and 4 chords — like Offspring — display little musical talent but definetly have rough-hewed edges. What are your thoughts?



Jun 18 2002
03:20 pm

they’re style is groovy, but gets increasingly repetitive. there’s only so much, “aaaw, yeah” and “aaaw, no” that i’ll pay $13.99 for.

by the way, if you see the new york version of the video for “short skirt, long jacket,” look for my friend betsy. she’s the belly dancer.


Jun 19 2002
04:08 am

By nuances I mean a little more complex, less ‘produced’. One of my favorite artists is Tom Waits. There are so many rough little complexities in his music and voice. The soulful imprefections of the music ARE the music.

I’m pretty impressed by System of a Down, too. They manage to be funny and terrifying at the same time. I like that conflict in music. Makes it interesting.

Offspring can make radio hits, but if you want real three-chord punk, check out Ramones, Iggy Pop, Pixies, Nirvana, The Hives, The Strokes,…


Jun 20 2002
02:27 pm

I’m with Kirstin.


Jul 08 2002
03:55 pm

Cake comes to Minneapolis with the Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse and De La Sol in August. We’re there.


Jul 19 2002
06:29 am

I think cake would be 4x’s better if they mixed there lead vocal into the background. The second track from Comfort eagle hits me straight in the soul. A truly great rhythm section.

Has anyone heard the new Flaming Lips album?

I like the way you describe System of a Down Jason. That band is so tight it hurts. Their drum sound is beautiful.


Jul 19 2002
06:54 am

space. if you want, you can listen to the new flaming lips on their website: They’re streaming it (at least they were, I think it’s still available — edit: yes, it’s still there, as i’m listening to it right now).