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Bjork at Red Rocks


Aug 21 2003
02:11 pm

Has anyone seen Bjork recently in concert? I saw her a few nights ago at Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver and really enjoyed her performance. She melds her music well with visual cues and almost creates a micocosm, her own world, on stage. I am not fanatical about her music, but definitely enjoy it more in concert than on CD. She performs with diverse instrumentation, from harp and the Icelandic stringed octet to various electronic synths, and she performs mostly her new music. I thought the last song before the encore was powerful. Every light in the amphitheater flickered with excitement, four foot tall columns of fire erupted before and behind the stage, fireworks went off, the music matched the force of the visuals…and at the center of it all….little Bjork, just enjoying her work. Had it been a Greek tragedy Dionysius himself might have descended to enjoy the intoxicating moment.

It seems to me that Bjork is attempting to take Nietzsche’s advice, and return to the primeval, unmitigated intoxication of desire known to Greeks before Socrates and Euripides destroyed it with psychology. If you appreciate the power of emotions you may enjoy Bjork in concert.

Bjork seems to specialize in one particular human emotion, at least in concert, and that emotion is love. I doubt whether one would say she explored the entire range of human emotion. Still I enjoyed her performance.

Has anyone else seen her? Like her music? Hate her music? Have other insights into her music?