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Big Fish


Jan 07 2004
08:46 am

I hear you Jason, about the weirdness. It’s Tim Burton! I was hoping for wilder things. The element of spookiness was there but it lacked the kind of visual stunners that make my toes curl, that Burton movies have. The spiders in the forest could have been bigger, the line of shoes could have been far more ominous, the ventriloquist in the Chinese/North Korean camp creepier, the leaning house more weirdly out of perspective, the colors more vivid, and the circus! There is nothing more bizzarre and visually stirring than the circus, and yet even that lacked the punch I wanted.

Despite the slightly disappointing scenography, it was still a very sweet story and an inventive plot. Most of all, it sharpened my love for stories. My sister said afterwards that she wished it would keep going. And I did too.