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Nov 11 2003
10:41 pm

[li]Anyone know where one can find information about the ownership of mass media and the relationships between them?
[li]I have reciently started work at a movie theatre and am curioius about who owns what production company, or at least owns a large part of it. I am also curious about why I am seeing The All American Rejects and The White Stripes on CNN Headline News. Does Time Warner own Dreamworks and BMG, or at least a part of them? Did they also show me a preview of “The Return of the King” during CNN’s news program because they own New Line Cinema?
[li]A friend found a “big business roadmap” but it was so old as to not include AOL as part of Time Warner. I am looking for something newer. Something updated often would be ideal.
[li]thanks all.

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Nov 12 2003
10:25 am

i thought the nation ( published something like that a year or so ago, but i wasn’t able to find it during a quick search of their site this morning. perhaps you would have better luck.


Nov 12 2003
01:21 pm

this link may be similar to what you are looking for…i thought i could find something graphical…but couldn’t.


Nov 13 2003
03:42 am

is the originator of this thread the same matt we met this past weekend at the faith engaged conference?


Nov 15 2003
07:15 am

master and commander, produced by: universal, and miramax, and twentieth century fox. that’s universal studios and disney, and fox! together! for one movie. can someone explain to me how all these companies come together for one movie? or am i misinterpreting something.



Nov 15 2003
10:11 am

The answer to your question is that all three companies contributes financially to the picture. Fox put in the most since they have domestic rights. In other words, they own the rights to The US and Canada (and perhaps some central american countries). Miramax owns the rights for another world target area while universal another. It’s all about distribution. You will almost always know who has distribution rights for your area by which logo comes up first.


Nov 15 2003
12:05 pm

Part of your speculation as of point 2 is correct:
CNN is owned by Time Warner as is New Line which is why you might be seeing more of it’s “branch’s” trailers throughout the CNN programming.
Dreamworks is not owned by Time Warner. It does have strong alliances with Universal (Spielberg even works out of one of their facilities located at the back of the Universal lot). It is soley owned by Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen as an LLC.
BMG is owned by Bertelsmann (Bertelsmann Music Group).

Know that while vicious competitors, all of these enterprises know that they have to work together to make money. Thus you will see alliances and unified fronts throughout their programming.


Nov 19 2003
05:51 pm

No. I am afraid that I am not the same Matt.

I posted under Eric VW because the silly Apple computer would not let me log him off.

Thanks for the help all. Especially the note about them working together. It helped me keep my cynicism in check, even though it is still about money.