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Dec 13 2007
12:28 pm

Anyone on this board ever been taken back by the lyrics of Audioslave? Today I dialed up some Audioslave on Pandora:

on my deathbed i will pray
to the gods and the angels
like a pagan to anyone
who will take me to heaven
to a place i call
i was there so long ago
the sky was bruised
the wine was bled
and there you led me on

in your house i long to be
room by room patiently
i’ll wait for you there
like a stone i’ll wait for you there


Dec 13 2007
08:19 pm

I haven’t heard Audioslave’s stuff that much. Only what’s on the radio. What is the tone of this song? Is it a slow, sad one or rockin’?


Dec 14 2007
11:35 am

Hard rock with roots from the grunge scene of the 90’s.

Here’s some lyrics off another one of their songs Show Me How to Live:

Nail in my hand from my creator
You gave me life now show me how to live