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Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner)


May 13 2002
08:11 am

Has anyone else seen “Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner)”? Here’s a short clip from an informational pamphlet in case you haven’t seen it but might be interested:

“For Inuit viewers Atanarjuat is part of [a] continuous stream of oral history, adapted to the film medium for future generations. For a world audience, Atanarjuat marks the first time Inuit storytelling is widely accessible to others through a sub-titled film. Inspired by this ancient Inuit tradition, the film making style sought to be compellingly visual, quietly intelligent and surprisingly funny.”

It is completely in Inuktitut (with English subtitles) and is set in a time pre-dating first contact with Europeans. I believe it is based on a traditional Inuit legend.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it (if you can find it in a theatre near you!) and if you have—what did you think?



Jul 04 2002
07:39 pm

I finally read a review of this film. Sounds great! Lots of nudity on ice.


Jul 21 2002
10:44 am

Just saw The Fast Runner. A great way to experience another culture. It was fascinating to see the way religion played out in the movie. Very interesting view of spirit. I noticed that the composer was the only non-inuit on the production team and the music is probably the weekest part of the film. it doesn’t fit. The traditional songs in the film itself are good though.

The traditional culture that is portrayed is quite different from ours. A lot of sitting down wondering. Its good to see this kind of living documented before it gets lost in globalization.