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While one mainline pastor refers to his role as hospice for the church, another proclaims that God is blessing his non-denominational mega-church with growing numbers.  Is the church dying or thriving?  What choices have you made about participating (or not) in a worshipping community?

Good Government

November is coming and, while it’s not a big, big year in U.S. elections, it’s still voting season.  And perhaps an off year for a big election is a better time to think critically about what good government looks like for the common good.  Who’s getting it right?


At some point in our development, we become aware that there are insiders and outsiders when it comes to various social contexts -- politics to playgrounds, workplaces to Sunday school.  How we respond to this awareness varies greatly from one person to another.  Where do you stand?

Arms Are for Hugging

Pronounced correctly, it sounds like “new clear,” but there’s certainly no consensus on what’s “clear” when it comes to nuclear weapons. Are they a justifiable last resort or an inexcusable artifact of human pride? How are Christians responding to this issue? Or is it simply a non-issue for most?

Women’s Worlds

As much as social structures and roles have changed with regard to gender equality, deeply ingrained ideas remain about what is feminine. Are these aspects of the 21st century to be embraced or resisted—or some combination of the two?