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Gary A. Chorpenning


I currently live about twenty miles south of Pittsburgh in an outlying suburb or maybe just a bit beyond that.
Presbyterian Pastor

I have been a Presbyterian pastor for almost thirty years -- in the inner city of a big city, in the downtown of a big city, in a college neighborhood of a small city and somewhere out beyond the edge of a big city. I've been married to Meg for almost as long as I've been a pastor. I have three children who are 1)doing a mission internship in inner city Houston, in the US Air Force, and in high school. I maintain a blog. I carve wood and stone and a few other materials. I take a lot of photographs, especially of birds and bugs and things like that. I kayak where I can find enough but not too much water (I'm not crazy) or ski when there's enough snow, depending on the season. I try to love Jesus in every part of my life which is a rich delight, when it isn't a serious pain.


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