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Vol 3, Num 21 :: 2004.12.17 — 2004.12.30


The naming

The topic comes up often in our household of two: is *cino neo-Calvinist? Even if our roots are in the neo-Calvinist tradition, do we publicly name our organization as such?

The mastery of the theology by such passionate ?neo-cals? as Gideon Strauss convinces both Rob and I that we have a lot to learn before we can sufficiently answer these important questions and those that naturally follow: If we call ourselves ?neo-Calvinist,? do we prematurely exclude folks of other Christian faith traditions from full participation? If we don?t, are we stubbornly failing to acknowledge what everyone else can clearly see?

As we continue this ongoing, yet rewarding journey toward a reasoned identity, I wanted to organize some resources I?ll be studying in an effort to become more knowledgeable and I publish them here for those who might be interested in learning more as well. For many of these leads, I have the diligent and seemingly tireless Gideon to thank, as his blog and friendship have proven necessarily challenging in this work.

I realize this list is somewhat scattered, but this is where I?ll be starting. Having had experiences since kindergarten that were heavily weighted toward the ?institutional? working-out of neo-Calvinism, my foundation is strong, but does not yet hold enough levels of understanding. This all feels a bit like working backwards, but I suppose such an experience is common for all who must retrace their steps toward a full reclamation of the tradition they inherited.

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