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catapult magazine

Vol 1, Num 3 :: 2002.10.11 — 2002.10.24


The coyote's song

Part 2 0f 5




Happy to see that the ants enjoyed his song, Sep traveled west until he found an elephant up to her belly in a pond, collecting water in her trunk and spraying herself across the back. The coyote lifted his head and sang, and as he did so the elephant quit gathering water to listen. By and by she began to cry. Sep continued singing, hoping to cheer her, but his song did not help. Finally he stopped and asked her why she cried.

"Oh, Sep," she sighed, "I cried tears of joy. Such a beautiful song! What a gift you have been given."

Again Sep's snout split in a silly smile. He thanked the elephant and headed east. As he ran, he thought about the wonderful gift he had, a gift that could make the ants stop their work and that could make the elephant cry. Surely, Sep thought, my gift is a far greater gift than anyone else received.


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