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Vol 13, Num 1 :: 2014.01.10 — 2014.01.23


Ten regrets, ten graces

At the turn of another year, resolutions and to-do lists focus us on what we can and will accomplish in the coming year. Yet we humans are notoriously bad at changing our patterns of behavior, which is why we break most resolutions within weeks of January 1. Here are some ways I didn’t do what I wanted to do in 2013 — yet still was given grace to do and experience many good things, despite my paltry efforts at self-improvement.

Regret/Grace #10

That I read Scripture only sporadically.

That the Anglican liturgy ensured I heard Scripture read aloud every week.

Regret/Grace #9

That I didn’t send handwritten notes to faraway friends.

That there was time and cheap airfare enough to see many of those friends in person.

Regret/Grace #8

That I didn’t write more poetry.

That I started writing poetry in the first place — and that it turned out not to be cringe-inducing.

Regret/Grace #7

That I went bird watching only a few times.

That birds, however common and plain, came to feed at my kitchen window every day.

Regret/Grace #6

That I did not interact directly with the poor, oppressed and disadvantaged.

That friends, whom I can financially support, have given their lives to doing so.

Regret/Grace #5

That I wasted time on social media.

That social media connected me to a real community of women writers.

Regret/Grace #4

That I didn’t see more live music.

That I saw Andrew Bird, at Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Music.

Regret/Grace #3

That so many mornings when I could have been productive, I slept in.

That I, who for most of my life have had trouble falling asleep, have never been so well-rested.

Regret/Grace #2

That I only went to karaoke once.

That when I did, for a friend’s birthday, it was a private room — which meant very little competition for the mike.

Regret/Grace #1

That I wasted so much time thinking about what was not given.

That so much was nonetheless given.

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