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catapult magazine

Vol 10, Num 1 :: 2011.01.14 — 2011.01.27


Ten things I want more of in 2011

  1. Buying cheesy homemade art from thrift stores.
  2. Closing my eyes and listening to the voices of Jennifer Hudson or Randy Travis or Ashley Cleveland and knowing God doesn’t make duplicates.
  3. Being challenged to explore my assumptions about my lifestyle relative to its impact on others.
  4. Adrenaline and sweat (though it’s not required that they arrive together).
  5. Re-reading Russell Banks’ Rule of the Bone slowly so I can compile the wisdom and marinate in the knock-me-out beauty of the language.
  6. Solo cross-country road trips in my Mini Cooper.
  7. Surprise views of mountains I didn’t know were around the bend.
  8. Being a doer and not just a hearer of the Word.
  9. Margaritas (made from scratch) with people I love.
  10. “Ten Things” lists.

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