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Vol 8, Num 1 :: 2009.01.02 — 2009.01.16


Conversation: “Ten Things 2”

“Ten Things 2” is the latest in an annual series of list issues—see 2006, 2007 and 2008 for more.  Below is a sampling of topics on which to ruminate-feel free to add your own.  Contribute your own list via the comments below or the discussion board, or post additions in the comments section for other lists in this issue.

-k. vg-r

  • Ten things you want your kids to learn, but regret that they have to
  • Ten party themes you’d like to try, but probably never will
  • Ten moments of revelation
  • Ten worship styles that went out of fashion for good reason
  • Ten reasons you should move to a different place
  • Ten reasons you love my neighborhood
  • Ten reasons to be cynical
  • Ten reasons to be hopeful
  • Ten media artifacts you consumed and wish you hadn’t
  • Ten of my favorite recipes
  • Ten top ten lists you wish you had written

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