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  • Of mice and men

    Author/illustrator's clever books are worth a stop in children's literature section of the bookstore.

  • One movie at a time

    An interview with a faculty member from Act One reveals the hope that gifted Christians with a solid redemptive approach to culture can have an impact on the film industry.

  • A perspective on history

    What do dates and names from the past have to do with our relationship to culture here and now?

  • The feature feature

    Isn't it about time we featured the feature?

  • Squash stories

    A motley gathering of autumn vegetables decks the halls with delectable values.

  • Extra copies

    On the complexities of giving out favorite books.

  • Graphic

    Are graphic novels simply too graphic or is this a genre Christians should openly engage?

  • Annealing life on the anvil

    A review of Todd McCarthy’s film The Visitor.

  • Half a library

    A list-in-progress of formative collections.

  • Why I buy books

    On putting our money where our best stories are.

  • Loving life, loving laughter

    A reflection on growing up in -- and growing -- a family that loves to laugh.

  • Embracing teenagers

    A proposal for serving youth more effectively in the church.

  • Things I carry with me

    A collection of thoughts gathered during time spent in Africa.

  • A wonderful life

    On family rituals as occasions to pass down heirloom memories of joy and sorrow.

  • Ten recipes

    A list of favorite foods, in no particular order.

  • New ones

    A fictional story about what kids can teach their teachers.

  • Home run

    Albany Park Theater Project’s I Will Kiss These Walls invents a “theater of hope” in the face of foreclosure.

  • Breath of life

    From evangelical tell-alls to baseball biographies, some books that have stuck.

  • The stories of Christmas

    On carrying a family tradition beyond childhood.

  • All my tall tales

    On paying attention to what we consume, and how we consume.